What has the business ever done for us?

Lost and Desperate

Photo Credit: kimbenson45 via Compfight cc Photo Credit: kimbenson45 via Compfightcc

The interior of a training room. A darkened room with a very conspiratorial atmosphere. Learning and development people are seated around a number of tables. Francis is standing by a flipchart, addressing the group.

If we want Learning and Development to be recognised as a valued business function we need to get to the board room. We get in through creating an intervention with impossible metrics here…we’ll get invited to the board meeting here…this will give us the opportunity to get a place at the table here. Having grabbed the place for the next 3 meetings, we’ll hold the performance data hostage and that it won’t be released until we get funding for our demands.

What exactly are our demands?

Sam is sitting at the back of the room, contemplating what to say next.

We’re giving the business a financial quarter to dismantle the performance metrics…

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