Ray Rice, Roger Goodell, and the Decline of Western Civilization

Poorly Thought Out Thoughts

As you may know The National Football League is embroiled in controversy because of a few thugs who like to beat women and children, and a commissioner who only really cares based on how much of the beating is shown to the public. In my view all the beating is un-debatably atrocious, and just more evidence of how we are not improving much as a society. What really surprises me is how it is systematically condoned and in the Ray Rice case only seriously punished when the league is trying to save face.

The story goes that Ray Rice (RB for the Ravens) and his fiancé got into an argument in an elevator, and Rice punched her in the face knocking her out cold. Security video captured the incident, but only the aftermath of the woman laying unconscious on the elevator floor was shown to the public. Why that wasn’t…

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