Reading the New York Times in 2014: This isn’t your Fathers Newspaper

A Digital Disruption in Sports

I have not read a physical newspaper since I was a sophomore in high school.  This is not because I did not want to stay up to date with the days current events, but because I started following the majority of the papers I read on my Facebook timeline.  Following these newspapers on my timeline meant that I got notifications about articles instantly. If I relied on the physical newspaper, I wouldn’t have the news updated until later. However, there is another reason why I have stopped reading newspaper articles in their physical forms: compared to their online versions, they are quite frankly boring to read.

A great example is this article in the sports section of the New York Times:

With the recent news of Ray Rice being fired after being arrested for domestic abuse and Adrian Peterson being charged for child abuse, this article discusses the numerical trends of arrests…

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