Just Blame the Refs

The O'B View

How many times, as a sports fan, do you think you’ve yelled at your TV, computer, phone or video game system because of a “Bad Call” made by a referee/umpire/official? If you’re anything like me (crazy, or “animated sports watcher,” as I prefer to be called), that number is probably in the hundreds, if not thousands. It’s instinct–something bad happens to your favorite team or player, you think a rule was broken and not penalized, and there is an actual human being who could have done something about it.

Call me crazy (or, like I said, “animated sports watcher”), but I think blaming the refs for everything that goes wrong is one of the best parts about being a sports fan. Not that I actually think the people responsible for enforcing the rules of sport are ACTUALLY to blame for a team winning or losing, at least not since David…

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