5 Tips to Becoming a Great Leader

Student of Influence

I was recently asked this question on Quora and I decided to share my answer with all of you! This has been my road map to success, don’t forget to share what has made you successful!

Road Map

How do I become a good leader and generate positive energy in the team?

Positive energy comes from positive attitudes, and you can create that kind of energy by exuding it to your team members. If you want to be a good leader there are tons of resources and methodologies to guide you, but my advice, if you want to be a truly inspirational and influential leader you need to focus on these 5 things.

1. Get to know your team members on a personal level, this will build trust, understanding, and a mutual respect that is vital to influencing the energy and attitudes of your team members.

2. Never stop learning. You’re off…

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