Fixing Arsenal’s Problems

Wild American Gooner

The word crisis is overused with Arsenal. Media members love to brand any struggles as a crisis. Arsenal certainly are struggling right now, and the loss against Borussia Dortmund on Tuesday highlighted how far this team is from their best, but this is not a full-blown crisis. Despite winning only one of their last six games, Arsene Wenger’s men are by no means out of the title race in the Premier League, and they should still be able to qualify for the knockout round of the Champions League fairly comfortably.

But there needs to be change around the club for the Gunners to start winning games. I don’t mean change in the sense of player comings and goings. I think we all decided Arsene Wenger had a successful transfer window. Alexis Sanchez and Calum Chambers have been two of Arsenal’s best players in the early going. Were it not for an unlucky…

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