Box Office: ‘Maze Runner’ Sprints To $11.25M Friday, $30M+ Weekend

Abogado Aly

There were four major new releases this weekend, any one of which arguably would have dominated the frame had they moved to the mostly-vacant September 6th slot. But I digress.The Maze Runneris the top movie of the weekend, having begun its box office sprint with a robust $11 million. Considering the film cost just $30m to produce, I would argue that its $30m+ weekend debut, which will place it among the ten-biggest September debuts, qualifies as a major win. The 20th Century Fox release, which played in standard theaters and IMAX, is the latest would-be franchise to emanate from a young-adult fantasy book series. The film, about a group of young boys trapped on a mysterious and deadly island with no memory of their former lives, is based on a book by James Dashner. The film benefited from a somewhat simple hook and lacked the complicated world-building that required an…

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