Discovering Business in Society : Business and its environment

An Angel's Perspective

A country operates almost similarly like a company. It has sets of rules and regulations with a framework of systems that governs the activities of how its business should run. A company has several departments that managed the different functions. Whereas, a country is managed by different ministry which forms the goverment.

The difference between a country and a company is that the latter generate its revenue from the sales of its products and services. However, a country, in general, is a non-profit entity which does not sell anything to generate revenue, it rely heavily on its economy instead. So, the tool that it use would be by taxing the people and company.

A company provides income/salary for people who works for them. A country on the other hand rely on the taxes (e.g. income tax, goods & service tax) to accumulate funds to run the country. If we look…

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