New Corporate Structure For Increased Profit

Daveological Society

Why is it many large corporations have problems controlling expense?

We have made it to the point where large corporations valiantly attack payroll by, eliminating jobs.  These are largely the bread, and butter jobs responsible for generating income that feeds each employee of the company.

If upper management payroll goes virtually unchecked, the only control on payroll is where revenue is driven.  Play down there, and long term, loss of revenue will be realized.  Cutting back on those helping customers means less customer service,  customer loyalty, and less revenue.

Cut back on payroll, and you cut down results.  Fair equation, and logical conclusion but, not from those running the show.  The equation is easy for anyone to do.  However, I submit there is an illogical result.

The results expected by the most illogical group in this capitalistic economy is not worthy of the equation.  They think they have not been…

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