College Football Computer Rankings: Week 11

Sports Calls

Mississippi State keeps the #1 spot this week. Alabama moves into the top 5 while Ole Miss dropped out, and Arizona State popped into the top 10 while Georgia dropped out. Only two teams exited the Top 30 – Louisville and Utah – due to losses, despite each losses being “good.” They are replaced in the Top 30 by Wisconsin, who is finally playing like people expected them to, and 1-loss Duke.

The SEC has 7 teams in the Top 30 (and 4 in the Top 10), the most of any conference. The ACC, Pac-12, and Big 12 each have 5 teams in the Top 30, while the Big Ten has 4. To note, the Mountain West Conference has 2 ranked teams, more than the rest of the non-Big 5 Conferences combined (not including Independent schools). The only other non-Big 5 Conference ranked team is Marshall (#15 – the highest…

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