Here’s How NBA History Would’ve Changed If Kobe Bryant Went To The Washington Wizards In 2004


Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant caused quite a stir a few days ago when he confessed that he wanted to go to the Washington Wizards in 2004 when he briefly became a free agent. His reasoning was that he wanted to play with his idol Michael Jordan and pick his brain.

It wasn’t meant to be though as Mike retired a year before Kobe would hit free agency. Bryant briefly flirted with the idea of fleeing Shaq and the Lakers to greener grass in Chicago but ended up re-signing and becoming a Laker for life. Still, it’s fun to wonder what could’ve been a move that monumental would’ve had ripple effects that would be felt for years.

Here are seven of the many things that would have changed in the NBA had Kobe fled to Washington to play with Jordan.

1. Kobe Never Passes Jordan In Scoring

If Kobe was to go to…

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