No Pitcher Has Thrown As Many Pitches Over as Few Innings as Zack Wheeler This Millenium

By: Brian Mangan

I don’t know how many times I can say this on Twitter, so I’ll write something here instead. Everyone has been all abuzz the last couple days since it was announced that Zack Wheeler has a turn UCL and needs Tommy John surgery about the how and why things got to this point.

Many have criticized the organization for allowing Wheeler to throw too many pitches, in line with a lot of the new conventional thinking about pitch counts. However, as I have tried to explain, simply counting pitches without counting the number of pitches per inning is meaningless. There is a huge difference between 110 pitches over 5.1 or 110 pitches in a nice relaxing complete game.

In fact, here’s the bottom line: since 2005, no pitcher has been pushed to throw as many pitches over as few innings as Zack Wheeler was. Not one. Take…

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