SMU’s Larry Brown in 1st NCAA since the ’88 title at Kansas


DALLAS (AP) — Larry Brown discovered something about his new iPhone when SMU finally ended its two-decade NCAA Tournament drought.

“I didn’t realize how many text messages it would accept, so that kept me kind of busy,” the 74-year-old Hall of Fame coach said.

Maybe the texts will keep on coming.

While the Mustangs are back in the NCAA Tournament for the first time since 1993, Brown returns to the Big Dance for the first time since leading Kansas to a national title 27 years ago.

“I hope it’s like it was in ’88,” Brown said, before quickly trying to divert the attention from him to the SMU players, who weren’t even born then.

“At my age, I enjoy every day. I don’t think about the NCAA personally,” he said. “I think about our seniors, and what they’ve been through and now they get this opportunity. I think about last…

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