The 5 Teams You Should Be Rooting For In The NCAA Tournament

CBS Houston

Houston (CBS HOUSTON ) – You don’t always have the luxury of your school making the tournament.  (Thanks UNLV!) And with that in mind I took the liberty of picking 5 schools you should root for while you avoid work in during the NCAA Tournament.

1. University of Texas 

Texas Tech v Texas Photo Credit: Getty Images

The Longhorns are THE university of Texas.  Not like THE Ohio State University, but you get the idea.  They are the one that is most associated with the state.  So root for them. You live in this state.

Hashtag to use: #HookEm

2. SMU

(Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images) (Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images)

The Mustangs have taken Dallas by storm thanks to Larry Brown.  He’s turned the program around and they are rolling into the tournament.  Also, Dallas is in Texans, and you live in Texas. So root for them.

Hashtag to use: #PonyUp

3. Texas Southern

They probably wont get out…

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