‘Serial Killer Mentality’: Allen Iverson Provided Awesome Answers To Fan Questions On Twitter


Allen Iverson

On Wednesday evening, Allen Iverson took over the Philadelphia 76ers’ Twitter account to answer questions from fans using the hashtag #AskTheAnswer. Some of the highlights during the question and answer session included whether or not he could play cornerback for the Eagles, his 10 favorite rappers, and of course, Michael Jordan.

But first things first, Allen, is a hot dog a sandwich?

“That’s stupid. I ain’t answering it.”

Finally! Someone with the guts to say it. Now to the rest of the highlights.

You were the epitome of swagger and style in the NBA. Who do you think is the most influential/stylish player today?

True or false: You could still fill the hole the Eagles have at cornerback next year if Chip just asked?

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