Battle of the Champions 2015

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Pacquiao’s Straight Left VS
Mayweather’s Straight Right

As is the case with most southpawvs orthodox fighters, the cross willlikely be the most important punch of the fight. While Pacquiao’s straight left is a lot more powerful, Mayweather’s is more accurate, slightly quicker and more versatile in the way that it’s thrown. Pacquiao often over commits with his straight left which will leave him open for Mayweather’s right hand
over the top. Although he’s not easily deterred by missing punches, hard counterpunches could cause him to become hesitant. There’s no doubt that’s he’s going to miss a lot with the left, as evident in his fights against good movers in Bradley and Algieri, so Pacquiao must use feints to time where Mayweather’s head will be, and also to time the straight left with his jab or left hook, a move that Pacquiao has demonstrated with great effect in the past. The…

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