Carson City Council Approves Chargers Stadium

Reporting San Diego


April 22, 2015 (CARSON, CA) After the signatures were turned in and ratified, they needed 8,000, they got 15000, the Carson City Council had a choice. They could put it on the ballot and let the voters decide, or outright approve it. The Council approved a stadium project by the 405 freeway.

This facility is expected to cost $1.65 billion and hold 70,000 seats, plus sky lines and state of the art NFL approved goods and services. This will be a very modern stadium.

This was an unanimous vote and according to the Orange County Register “There are two things we need in Southern California,” Carson Mayor Albert Robles said after the vote. “One is rain and the other is football, and today hopefully we took care of that because football is coming to Carson.”

The Chargers and Raiders are looking towards this move, from their respective cities where they have been…

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