Ned Yost, on his team looking out for each other: “A very tight group”

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CHICAGO — Ned Yost spoke to reporters before the second game of the series against the White Sox at Cellular Field Friday night.

“We haven’t started any of this stuff. We haven’t, with the exception of what happened in Annaheim, and nothing resulted of it, you know?  Ventura was staring at Trout and there was no punches thrown, nobody was hit, nobody was slid hard into. Nobody was drilled intentionally. We haven’t started any of this, but the thing about it is.. you go back and you look at what’s happening and I don’t know if teams are you know trying to get into our heads a little bit more, and these guys, are not,… that’s not going to happen.”

“The thing that they got to understand is that they’re a really good team and that teams are gonna try to do that now. They understand how tough they…

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