Toronto Raptors embarrassed by Washington Wizards in playoff sweep, leaving questions about team’s future

National Post

WASHINGTON — Last year against the Brooklyn Nets, the Toronto Raptors punched back every time that they looked doomed. They got down 10 points in the final six minutes of Game 7, and still fought back so that they had the ball, down one point, with a chance to win on the final possession of the game. They did not have quite enough talent to win a seven-game series against a more experienced team, but they were thoroughly commendable.

[np_storybar title=”Raptors short on veterans, but lack of experience is not the problem against Wizards” link=””]

Perhaps coach Dwane Casey thought that team still existed, somewhere. The seven guys who played the most minutes during the 2014 playoffs were all back. Lou Williams and James Johnson, the only significant additions to this year’s on-court product, have been positives. Maybe there was a reservoir, deep within them, that contained some of…

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