Detroit Red Wings’ Niklas Kronwall could face suspension for massive hit on Tampa Bay Lightning’s Nikita Kucherov

National Post


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It has a verb that has become part of the hockey lexicon. It means getting levelled. Specifically, it means getting levelled by a certain Detroit Red Wings defenceman who has become this generation’s Scott Stevens because of his ability to close a gap like you would slam a screen door and catch unsuspecting forwards with their heads down.

On Monday night, Niklas Kronwall did just that when he steamrolled into — through? — Nikita Kucherov as the Tampa Bay Lightning forward was trying to exit the defensive zone.

Fans inside Joe Louis Arena began chanting “You got Kronwalled!” But with a hearing scheduled with the NHL’s department of safety for Tuesday afternoon, the Red Wings could be the ones taking a significant hit if they have to play without their best defenceman for Game 7.

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