Green Lantern: Jets’ Offseason Party Was A Rager — Until The QBs Showed Up

CBS New York

By Jeff Capellini

Maybe this is actually what a general manager is supposed to do.

Oftenthe victims of an inept front office and, as a result, an underwhelming product on the field, Jets fansare walking around these days with their shoulders pinned back and their heads held high.

It’s not a posture they are used to, but they are assumingit thanks to Mike Maccagnan, a man very fewwho root for this team knew existed before the calendar flipped to 2015.

Whathe has done thisoffseason has been a revelation. Inside of just a few months, the Jets’ new general managerhas performed successful open-heart surgery on a franchiseonce given last rites.

In a bizarre twist, the Jetsare now consistentlylauded for doing all the right things. It appears they’vetraded in the bravado that was beaten into them by Rex Ryanfor the more laid-back approachof their new head coach, Todd Bowles, a…

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