Ahead 3-1, Lightning undaunted by loss to Canadiens

Montreal Gazette

After dominating the Canadiens through eight games this season, Tampa Bay goalie Ben Bishop finally looked human Thursday, allowing three goals in just over one period.

During his post game interview, Habs defenceman P.K. Subban suggested Bishop had been “sitting on a horseshoe” and that his apparent lucky streak was finally coming to an end. The goalie smiled when asked to respond to the horseshoe quip ahead of Game 5 Saturday.

“I mean, P.K. is P.K. you know,” said Bishop, eliciting a hearty laugh from reporters. “I’m just trying to play my game, to keep my team in the game, you’re always going to have a little luck here and there. I’ll take it though… We’re not worried about (the horseshoe comment). We didn’t play our best game last game. We saw the video, we know we didn’t play that well. We’ve just got to worry about ourselves.”

Whether it was…

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