Celtics @ 7: Is Brad Stevens Enough To Draw Marquee Players?

CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) – Saturday’s edition of “Celtics @ 7” looked ahead to free agency, the top targets expected to be available, and whether C’s coach Brad Stevens will be enough of a draw for Danny Ainge to lock up a marquee edition.

Host Adam Kaufman and SB Nation’s Paul Flannery believe the answer to that question is no, though that doesn’t dismiss the role Stevens could have in being a difference-maker for a prospective addition.

Flannery also touched on some of the recent trade rumors attached to the Green, Kevin Love’s recent anti-Boston stance, and which of the remaining eight playoff teams he thinks are bound for the NBA Finals.

Listen to this week’s full episode of Celtics @ 7 below

Celtics @ 7 Part 1
[cbs-clip-player content_id=59042015 size=small station=481]

Celtics @ 7 Part 2
[cbs-clip-player content_id=59042017 size=small station=481]

Celtics @ 7 Part 3
[cbs-clip-player content_id=59042019 size=small station=481]

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