Silverman: NFL Should Have Come Down On Belichick, But It Failed Once Again

CBS New York

By Steve Silverman
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The NFL had a chance to get “Deflategate” right, but Roger Goodell blew it again.

The commissioner and disciplinarian Troy Vincent got part of it right with a four-game ban for Tom Brady and the team’s loss of two draft picks, including next year’s first-round choice.

But Goodell chose to ignore Bill Belichick, and therefore go against the precedent he set in 2012. That was the year the league came down hard on the New Orleans Saints for its pay-for-pain/injury scheme known as “Bountygate.”

The architect of that plan was deemed to be defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, and he was given an indefinite suspension for his actions that was lifted prior to the 2013 season. But the NFL also made head coach Sean Payton sit on the sidelines for a year, even though there was no evidence connecting him with the scandal.

However, Goodell…

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