Is This Kansas City Royals Fan Simply Unlucky, Or Have We Been Had?


Yesterday, we showed you a video of a Royals fan going from “hero to zero” by giving a baseball to a kid, only to ask for it back moments later. The video made the rounds, and everyone had a good laugh at the young woman’s expense.

But then Uproxx commenter, Kare Bear, noted something peculiar. In 2013, a Kansas City Royals fan in virtually the same seat had a ball taken from her by a young child.


And, uh, is that the same woman?

royals fan

It certainly looks like the same damn person!

Now, stadiums and arenas are notorious for setting up dumb gags like this, “The Kiss Cam” being chief among them. Hell, just last week, there was an egregiously bad one at the Hawks game.

But I can’t imagine the Royals pulling the long con here. It just doesn’t make sense. Two years in between stunts…

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