Keidel: Yankees Are Right Back Where I Thought They’d Be — Behind The Mets

CBS New York

By Jason Keidel
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It seems everyone, including my treasonous editors, have demanded a public apology from yours truly.

After eulogizing the 3-6 Yankees, they went on a tear, commandeered first place, and leapfrogged the very team I told you would own the five boroughs and beyond.

And it doesn’t help that the team I told you would bogart the bold ink and the standings, the Mets, tumbled down the rungs of relevance. After their epic, 11-game winning streak, the Mets just tanked, making me look like a buffoon.

But since most fans are so notoriously stubborn in the face of facts, I’ll give it a shot.

The Yankees, despite their recent run, have won just one of their last six games, have all but surrendered pole position in the AL East, and look like I thought they would a few weeks ago.

And, thanks to an article in the New…

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