Theismann: Dolphins Signing ‘One-Trick Pony’ Wallace Was ‘Huge Mistake’

CBS Miami


Despite a sizable contract extension, many feel Ryan Tannehill still has to overcome “deep-ball issues” to rise among the ranks of quarterbacks in the NFL.

Former QB and NFL analyst Joe Theismann doesn’t see it as a big concern, joining the Marc Hochman Show with Zach Krantz to chat about where Tannehill is heading into Year 4.

“I don’t agree with that evaluation of him because first of all Mike Wallace signing was a huge mistake,” Theismann said. “He’s a one-trick pony, that’s all he is. Mike can run down the field. And what people forget is defensive backs can run too. It’s a question of timing, it’s a question of getting the ball out of your hand. Here’s an interesting observation — How many deep balls have you seen Tom Brady throw down the field to wide receivers?”

“I think what you have with Ryan Tannehill is you have the foundation to build around a young…

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