Zolak: Shut Up, Chris Mortensen, Because You Screwed The Whole Thing Up

CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — On Tuesday, one of the most prominently featured ESPN talkers from the NFL spring owners meetings was none other than Chris Mortensen.

Considering it was Mortensen’s January report — the one that said 11 of 12 Patriots footballs were a full 2.0 PSI under the allowable limit, the one that was proven to be false in the Wells report — which turned DeflateGate into a major national story, Scott Zolak was not entirely excited to hear Mortensen’s report coming out of a commercial break.

“Shut up,” Zolak exclaimed. “It’s your fault. That’s what it is. This is Mortensen’s fault that we’re even in this position. Shut up. You screwed the first report up. You were grotesquely wrong on a PSI count of more than 2.0 per ball.

“Mr. 1.8 Million Followers, you screwed the whole thing up, Mortensen. Shut up, go away. Sorry. It’s his fault!


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