Breakdown: How Golden State’s Small Lineup Flipped Game 1

CBS Houston

Despite playing well on Tuesday night at Oracle Arena, the Rockets lost game 1 of the Western Conference Finals 110-106. While being their fifth straight loss to the Warriors this season, it marked the first time that they actually had a chance to win in the second half following four regular season blowouts.

For almost a quarter and a half, the Rockets shredded the NBA’s best defense. They scored 49 points in fewer than 17 minutes helping them to a 16-point lead. Then, with 6:29 left in the first half, Warriors coach Steve Kerr did what he always does- he went small, and from there, the game changed.

Normally, when a team plays small they have a center or a rim protecting power forward surrounded by four perimeter players, but that’s not what the Warriors do. Instead, they have their stretch power forward, 6’7 Draymond Green, play center. That lineup…

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