Can Mike Babcock turn the Leafs into a winner?

Global News

WATCH LIVE: Maple Leafs to introduce new head coach Mike Babcock at 11 a.m. ET.

Mike Babcock is taking on a herculean task by accepting the head coaching job in Toronto, the 30th coach in the team’s history.

Babcock won the Stanley Cup with the Detroit Red Wings where he put up an impressive 458-223-105 record. He’s also won two Olympic gold medals.

But can he turn the page on the depressing narrative of the Leafs’ last 48 years and bring the Stanley Cup back to Toronto?

“I don’t think they’ll win the Stanley cup under his watch necessarily but I think the hope is they’ll get to the semi-final and maybe get that chance to push deeper. That would be the ultimate goal,” Bob Stellick, a former Leafs’ executive said.

Babcock signed with the Leafs for a staggering, record-breaking $50 million over eight years and significant say in the…

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