Marvez: Joe Philbin No. 1 Coach on Hot Seat

CBS Miami


It’s playoffs or bust for Miami Dolphins coach Joe Philbin, according to Alex Marvez.

“I think the guy squarely in the crosshairs of this — and I have a Top 10 list at coming out tomorrow of coaches on the hot seat — to be honest with you, Joe Philbin is at the top of the list,” Marvez said on the Joe Rose Show. “This is gonna be year number four now — haven’t made the playoffs yet. There’s no excuses from a personnel standpoint. Joe decided to stand pat with his coaching staff once again which has raised some eyebrows as well, considering the play of the defense. It’s up to Joe Philbin to produce.

“It’s clear his feet are to the fire. They need to make some noise. They need to get into the postseason I think for Joe to keep his job.”

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