Silverman: The Patriots’ Dynasty Has Started To Crumble

CBS New York

By Steve Silverman
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The New England Patriots’ dynasty has started to crumble.

The three-headed partnership of Bob Kraft, Bill Belichick and Tom Brady may go on for one more year, but that’s about all that is left for this team.

No dynasty goes on forever, and the reason this one will lose its grip is partially self-inflicted. It’s also good news for the New York Jets, along with the Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins.

There has been nothing but bluster coming from New England since Brady’s suspension was announced.

“How dare they?”

“They’re just jealous.”

“The NFL is just a bunch of hypocrites.”

A 2015 version of the Boston Tea Party appeared to be on its way, with Kraft leading the charge.

Except that it’s not going to happen because Kraft decided to back down and accept the penalties that Commissioner Roger Goodell imposed on the team

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