In Honor Of Rockets Game 3 Fiasco, 5 WWE Title Matches Over In Less Than 30 Seconds

CBS Houston

Well, that sucked.

On every level, last night’s Golden State 115-80 rout of the Houston Rockets was maybe the worst sporting event in which I’ve ever had a rooting interest in my lifetime. The Warriors jumped  out to a 30-18 first quarter lead, and slowly, steadily just kept piling on the points. With every Steph Curry three that went down, an angel dressed in a Harden-beard lost its wings.

The Warriors won each of the four quarters of that debacle, held the Rockets to 33.7 percent shooting (20 percent from three point range), and made James Harden look like a flummoxed, timid rookie (3 for 16 from the field) all night long.

On my show on Friday, on the heels of two ultra-competitive losses in Oakland, I said that I felt better about this Rockets team down 2-0 than I did at 0-0 before the series started. I said that at 2-0…

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