Steve Kerr On Departing Assistant Alvin Gentry: ‘I Leaned On Him The Most’


steve kerr alvin gentry

In Steve Kerr’s first year as head coach of the Golden State Warriors, he took a talented, but slightly underachieving offensive team (12th in offensive efficiency in 2013-14) and turned it into a beautiful juggernaut (second in 2014-15). Well, when I say Kerr did that, I really mean that Kerr brought Alvin Gentry in to do that as his offensive coordinator. Now that Gentry has been given the reins of the New Orleans Pelicans (and their pterodactyl, Anthony Davis), Kerr told CSN Bay Area that he’ll miss the man he credited the most for Golden State’s phenomenal year.

“He’s on one side of me, [defensive assistant] Ron [Adams] is on the other,” Kerr said. “[Assistant] Luke [Walton] is one step down from there. We’re always talking. But Alvin’s the one I talk to the most … it’s been very collaborative. But he’s been the guy I’ve leaned on the most…

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