The Numbers Behind The Numbers For The Red-Hot Jason Kipnis

CBS Cleveland

You’ve seen Jason Kipnis’ stats in the month of May. They were historically good.

You’ve seen where his month ranks among some of baseball’s greats.

You’ve seen the incredible .340/.411/.529 slash line in 2015 (If not, now you have). You’ve probably also noticed his 3.1 WAR (via Fangraphs) ranks him as the AL’s second-most valuable player this season.

But what you’re probably still trying to figure out is why the Indians’ second baseman has been so hot over the last month.

Sure, we know hitters go through ups and down over a long season. But what has been the key to his extreme success over the past month?

The easiest point to make comes down to health. Kipnis struggled through an oblique strain in 2014 — an injury that he probably returned too quickly from and it impacted him all season.

Last year, the second baseman was never able…

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