Alan Williams: ‘My Life As An NBA Draft Prospect’

CBS Pittsburgh

I think my favorite moment at the University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB) took place during a game where I didn’t actually play.

We played UNLV my freshman year. It was a packed house, they were ranked No. 19 in the nation and the game went to double-overtime. We ended up losing, but I remember being on the bench cheerleading the whole time; Waving my towel around, high-fiving, getting the crowd involved and it was just so much fun.

And that’s when it really hit me. Even if I’m not playing right now, I’m gonna work my butt off so I can play – so I can generate this same type of experience for myself. So I can have this personally.I can remember just feeling that energy, and feeling the crowd. It was special.

Now, I think about everything I’ve done and what I’ve gone through. And to be able…

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