Joel Embiid The Latest Example Of Risk Vs. Reward In NBA Draft

CBS Atlanta

By Ross Kelly

It?s no secret that NBA teams salivate over the big man; a notion that is encapsulated by the quote, ?You can?t teach size.? However, that’snot just a sayingbut the numbers back it up as well. Over the past 40 years (1974-2014) there have been 26 players drafted within the top three picks who stand at least seven feet tall. From Walton (?74) to Embiid (?14) and everyone in between, these are the guysthat front offices thought would be transcendent players who were worthy of their high selections. But this number also doesn?t lie: exactly one half of those 26 players have had career-ending or career-shortening injuries, primarily to their legs.

Some of these injuries are well known ? we all know about Bill Walton?s feet (missed three entire seasons) and Greg Oden?s knees (also missed three seasons). We also know that Yao Ming retired early due to…

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