Top 5: Next St. Louis Players/Coaches to Make the Hall of Fame

CBS St. Louis

Alex Ferrario
KMOX Sports Reporter

As Chris Pronger heads into the Hockey Hall of Fame, it’s hard not to forget the illustrious career he had while in St. Louis.  Another St. Louis players heads in, it makes me think of what athletes who played here will make the Hall of Fame next. Here is my Top 5 list of players that will make the Hall of Fame that spent time in St. Louis.

1. Ken Hitchcock

“Hitch” seems like the one closest to the Hall of Fame…depending on when he decides to retire.  Hitch has had an illustrious career as a head coach in the NHL. He has one Stanley Cup to his resume, along with 7 division titles, a Jack Adams (Coach of the Year) award in St. Louis, and he’s still going strong. Hitch is a gritty, defensive-minded coach that has been one of the best in the…

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