Love Soccer But Hate FIFA? Welcome To The Gold Cup

CBS Pittsburgh

By Ross Kelly

The biennial event, governed by CONCACAF, returns this summer and will be played across 13 US cities (plus Toronto). The USMNT has dominated recent editions of the tournament with three wins (2005, 2007, 2013) and two runner-up finishes (2009, 2011) over the last five Cups. Though not as revered as the Euros or the Copa America; the Gold Cup is still the premier soccer tournament in North America and it mustbe won in order to represent CONCACAF in the Confederations Cup.

What’s New This Year?

The aforementioned Confederations Cup is held every four years with the next edition being in 2017. However, Gold Cups are held every two years dating back to 2003. Thus, starting in 2015, CONCACAF has announced that if different nations win in the two preceding Gold Cups (in this case 2013 and 2015), then there would be two teams qualified for the one…

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