Report: Group Of NFL Owners Urging Goodell To Uphold Brady’s Suspension

CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — Throughout this long, extended, unnecessary wait for some type of resolution in the six-month saga known as DeflateGate, there have been many instances of “reports” disguised as news in which nothing is actually reported.

That appeared to be the case late Wednesday night, when Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio wrote that Tom Brady’s camp has engaged the NFL in settlement talks … but no progress has been made and none probably will. It was the classic “updating you without updating you” type of report.

Yet it appears as though Florio buried the lede, because it was the paragraph after the settlement talks where the real juice came.

“NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is being pushed by a small handful of influential owners to hold firm on the four-game suspension,” Florio wrote. “Working against that pressure, however, is the fear that the four-game suspension would be wiped out by…

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