‘Space Jam’ Easter Eggs And Facts To Strengthen Your Fandom Before The Sequel


Space Jam 30 For 30

On Wednesday, word got out that LeBron James’ entertainment company finalized a partnership deal with Warner Bros. Coincidentally, the studio recently filed for new trademarks for Space Jam. So, after taking a pretty big leap, we can say it looks like that sequel, starring LBJ, may actually happen.

While people take to Twitter to debate how a movie that may not even happen can somehow either revitalize or tarnish their entire childhood, the legacy of the original Space Jam will remain something of legend.

Seeing Michael Jordan play alongside Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and some of our other favorite Looney Tunes characters is something we’ll always remember. But there were actually a lot of things that happened both behind-the-scenes, or right on screen, that you probably didn’t catch because, you know, you were probably six.

So here’s a list of fascinating facts about Space Jam that can help…

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