Animals Running Awry in Sports

CBS Connecticut

by Rob Joyce

Seeing unusual things at a minor league baseball game isn’t new. In order to attract fans, teams will wear wild uniforms, feature wacky attractions between innings, and more. But the Charlotte Stone Crabs (based out of Port Charlotte, FL) found something really unusual in their dugout before a game last week… a 10-foot alligator!

Animal control taped its jaws shut and safely returned the gator back into the wild, bringing an uneventful end to an amusing – and slightly terrifying – discovery.

However, it’s certainly not the first time an animal has tried to catch a game. Here are some other notable times:

Pine Martin makes its presence felt: A pine martin is a European animal, similar to a weasel or badger, and is the size of a cat. It is also apparently willing to attack humans, as a Swiss soccer player learned in March 2013. While…

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