Tiger Woods says swing change caused ‘the perfect storm’ that derailed his game

National Post

Tiger Woods has been a disaster this year. However, it could be temporary and according to Woods it is just about fighting through what he calls “the perfect storm.”

[np_storybar title=”Tiger Woods’ forgettable season winding down as he prepares for Quicken Loans National” link=”http://news.nationalpost.com/sports/golf/tiger-woods-forgettable-2015-season-winding-down-as-he-prepares-for-quicken-loans-national”][/np_storybar]

As he prepares for this week’s Quicken Loans National, Woods explained why changing his swing has been so much more difficult this time compared to previous changes. The reason is two-fold, starting with not being able to mask his bigger problems with a strong short game.

“I didn’t think it would take this long (to get back) because I thought I would have my short game earlier, which I didn’t at the very beginning of the year,” Woods told the media. “You can cover up a lot of different things when you are chipping and putting well. So a lot of my missteps throughout the years, when I’ve changed…

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