Are the Dallas Cowboys good or bad PR?

Jeremy R. eACKLES

Courtesy of Google Images Courtesy of Google Images

There’s a team that I am very passionate about. If you do not know who that team is, it’s the Dallas Cowboys. I look at my Dallas Cowboys as my troubled child: they may put me through a lot, but I’m willing to stick with them through the hard times because I know there’s a better day ahead(I think). It’s ironic that a public relations major, such as myself, is a Dallas Cowboys fan because it seems as if the franchise is always in need of some positive PR. Every casual sports fan knows that the Cowboys have been nothing short of mediocre for the past decade, but one area that the team is good in is making headlines off of the field. Just this past month, the team has provided us with plenty to talk about for days. I will analyze a couple of the…

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